MTL 1 Data Center

MicroSerum owns its own data center in Montreal. This installation, built in 2018, allows MicroSerum to have great flexibility for it's different services.

MicroSerum data center

Company owned data center

Electrical capacity deployed: 20Kw

Total power capacity: 50Kw

Cooling capacity deployed: 54 000 BTU - 2N Redundancy - PUE 1.5


Independent Network

MicroSerum's network: AS31846



MicroSerum servers

Virtualisation Cluster

Virtualisation manager: Proxmox (LXC and KVM virtualisation)

Hardware used: Dell Poweredge servers (Rack and Blade)

Internal network backbone: 10G

Virtualisation Cluster specs: 120+ Cores, 400+ GB RAM, 3+ Tb SSD, 12+ Tb HDD

Cpanel Panel
HostAdvice Great Uptime Award for MicroSerum

Cpanel panel
Cpanel panel
Cpanel Panel
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